Stationary Drifting


Another late night.

I’m having this problem where I can’t seem to go to sleep at night.

Its not that I can’t sleep, when I actually turn out the lights and commit to sleeping I do for a long time, its that I can’t seem to make myself actually do that at a reasonable time. I stay up late knitting and watching tv on the internet, or listening to music, or the radio. Anything but sleeping.

Its not exactly insomnia, just extreme night owl-ing.

I’m not really sure how to break this habit (If you say will power I will throw my computer at you) Will power doesn’t exist at this time of the night. I think that it becomes less potent as the night gets later. What really is the difference now between 3:15 and 4am? Almost nothing.

I think I’ve shifted my entire sleeping pattern by several hours at this point.


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