Stationary Drifting


My favourite photo of myself. My brother took it. I’m also in my all time favourite shirt which makes me like the photo even more.

About Me:

I am terrible at writing bios. I never know how much or how little to say. I live in Toronto, I am crafty and like to make most things but am not much of a homemaker, I’m married to a toughie with a heart of gold, it has been 2 years of marriage and its pretty glorious despite our internationality, I’m a queer-mo, and a serious libra, my day job program designer/facilitator mostly in the feminist/violence prevention arena, and a casual blogger.

The general point of this blog:

Unclear what this blog is about right now! I share things. About my life. Sometimes with pictures.

What do the different categories mean?:

I’ve changed them so much I’m not sure what they mean anymore. Will update sometime. Don’t check back too soon is what I’m saying.

What is ‘Stationary Drifting’?:

Stationary Drifting is a name I came up with years ago because I feel like I have a wanderlust heart and if I’m not physically drifting moving around then my heart at least is exploring from my stationary position. Its also because I tend to write what comes to mind, especially when its for personal/pleasure, so I ‘drift around the stationary’ if you will.

I like this name for myself I have it tattoo’d on me. Which, incidentally, so does my brother Jared because we got sibling tattoo’s a few years ago and he identified with it too. We’re a lot alike, Jared and I.

fresh tattoo, not my first.

Where else to find me:

Photos and inspiration is tumblr’d at Stationary Drifter

You can also find me on goodreads, ravelry, and pinterest.

My twitter, facebook & ello are pretty private to me right now. Maybe if I like this whole internet life thing I’ll add them in the future but for now sorry.


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