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Homemade Holidays: Valentine’s Day

valentine's dayI never used to be much of a Valentine’s Day person before I started dating Mars. In fact I can’t remember ever celebrating with anyone other than my mom before. Mars changed that in my life because he’s a true romantic and even though I protested at first I knew it really loved it so now I’m a Valentine’s day person. Who knew that would happen? Its cute though because it kind of feels like every year is a celebration of our time together and of celebrating itself!

This year was our 3rd Valentine’s day together. We tend to celebrate with sweet gestures for each other and homemade gifts. Above is my love mobile for Mars. I crocheted a little red hearts for every month that we’ve been together and 3 hearts of different colours to represent each of our Valentine’s days together (using a variation of this pattern). Then I made a little scalloped top and crochet chained each heart up to to the top.

Then I hung it above the table and set it up for a nice breakfast with homemade Strawberry Chocolate Scones (using a variation of this recipe from madebyandi), homemade mocha lattes and a little card of the variety that I usually made Mars. Hand-drawn on a small blank cue card.

IMG_2118IMG_2123I took care of the morning and Mars took care of the evening with an at-home spa treatment including a massage, and a mani/pedi with chocolates, candles and music. He also made me a really awesome painting of my name. The whole thing was lovely.

Homemade holidays take a little more work and a little more time but in the end they can be really fun, inexpensive, and from the heart (most important).

We ain’t got money but we got a lot of love.

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Small Things Project: Day 76 (feb 15)

Today I’m happy for the lovely Valentine’s day I had yesterday. M treated me to a home spa and it was glorious.

Small Things Project title

I’m happy for the last minute extra ticket to a dance show. It was fun, no my favourite contemporary dance performance but it was interesting and I enjoyed it. I got to go with my buddy Doug and it was really fun to hang with him.

I’m happy for having Fluff around again. Though we’re giving her back to Silvie tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it.

I’m happy for the trip to Ottawa we’re planning for this weekend and that we managed to borrow a car to go on our own time (thanks Felicia!). It will be nice to get out of town with my boo for a while.

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