Stationary Drifting

just once

just once I would like to read a blog post where someone real talks how them and their partner aren’t getting along right now. I’m tired of reading blogs where everyone is perfect, perfect for each other, does each other’s laundry, gives each other time off at opportune moments and gives great gifts every time. Yeah yeah yeah, happy you’re happy at all but it feels a little fake and make me feel more than a little deficient in the ‘perfect’ and ‘happy at all times’ categories.

I mean, I guess its my fault for reading a million ‘sweet suzy ice-skater’ (as my dad would say) blogs where people have great babies, interesting hobbies, go to country fairs on weekends, diy the fuck out of their lives, are fantastic photographers AND dress well from stuff ordered online while their pies are cooling on windowsills, all while making their blogs make money for them. But common, nobody’s life can be that good all the time right? I guess no one is pumped about putting their relationship business on the web (except ohdeardrea and I really like her for that) but what are personal blogs for except to complain when no one else feels like listening?

Well, now my mention of oh dear drea has contradicted my entire point. Forget it. I’m going to go eat a brownie for lunch.