Stationary Drifting

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Fall Wear

/// Bittersweet Striped Cardigan from Sosie /// Pam Breeze-ly Tunic from ModCloth /// Butterscotch Geometric Scarf from Three Bird Nest /// Y-Not Drew Boots from Shoe Carnival /// Tundra Bag from hoakonhelga ///

I feel a bit weird posting these things because I’m not so into turning this into a style blog but I’m just going to have to get over it and decide that not all the things that I do have to be totally meaningful and I have to admit that I follow a lot of style blogs. PLUS it is a ‘simple goal’ of mine for this season so voila, the first of my research into what I want to feel like/look like moving into a new decade of life.

Like I said, I want to get more colour in my life so hence this first shot at thinking about colour in my wardrobe.

Shirts: I’m liking the fall trend towards flow-y-er (not a word but let’s go with it) shirts. I like the mix of not being too body hugging, as I’m still trying to figure out the best way to style my body, and the way that it drapes doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a sack.

Cardigans: I’ve always been into cardigans and I like that they will be a staple this winter to keep me warm, good looking, and colourful.

Scarves: Scarves are a must in Montreal in the every season except summer (and even sometimes then too), this fall/winter I’m going to be going for brighter, more patterned scarves to dress up dark winter outfits and days.

Boots: No surprise on the boots vs weather, but I like these boots for their details. The buttons and dark, but not black leather is classy & classic. I’ve been wanting a pair of high boots for a while but never wanted to have a heal so these are great, good looking ones that have no height. Plus they will dress up my skinny jeans.

Bag: What can I say, I just really like this bag. If I had to justify it it would be because I’ve always really liked the contrast of tough and feminine so the leather with the floral (besides being in style) works for me. This kind of bag is big enough to hold my back and forth to work stuff and other necessities without being a backpack. I love backpacks but I think I need to stray away from the student style.

So there, post number 1 on style. I feel like I need to go on a rant about gender right now but am going to refrain.

Trifting Adventure

It’s been over a week but I finally took pictures of the stuff I thrifted with Marseau last weekend. Mostly because it was a sunny day and I had found my camera cord.

We made a nice afternoon of it. Which I described in my weekend roundup from last week. I picked up these two scarves, the white one has these weird hot air ballon things on it, I love it and wear it every day practically. The brown one isn’t really my colour palette but I like the belt/bag/watch theme. I wore it today. I want to start a proper silk scarf collection.

I also got that great shirt that I was wearing in posts from this week. Its an Esprit Sport and in each of the little squares there are tiny farm animals and barns. You can kind of see a couple of roosters in the picture. I thought it was going to be too loud for me but I actually love wearing it.

And 3 brooches. In the winter I wear a lot of button down shirts and scarves so necklaces don’t work so well. I got into wearing brooches in order to keep my fanciness up (I’m not really that fancy).


2 vintage scarves

shirt and 3 brooches.