Stationary Drifting

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Sibling double birthday

photo cred to Jared

china town nyc

lady liberty

some of my film pictures from the sibling double birthday trip to nyc last fall. Jared and I headed down for a couple of days. It was a really short trip but he had never been, he was about to leave for LA after living with me for 3 months, and our birthdays are a week apart.

Jared's camera




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Jared in NYC

Blurry in China Town

Jared in NYC

Double birthday fun, also we’re both photographers we ended up both being models as well on this trip. Luckily my brother is ridiculously photogenic (jerk).

in front of the Guggenheim

more Guggenheim

When in Rome. I don't know what Romans do but in NYC you eat street pretzels

no smoking at MOMA

train home

I finally gave up on trying to find my camera cord and just took these photos with my phone.

Me in NYC

Look its me in nyc! Okay, they aren’t all of me, but still its rare that I end up in pictures unless I tell someone to take one. Photography obsessions run in my family. All photos by Jared, who says:

New York on colour film. This is my best (current) effort at transferring my prints in pairs to the computer so I can put them on here. This is an accompaniment to the B&W pictures I posted a number of weeks ago.


This was my first roll taken with Minolta SR-1 that I bought from a guy in a Montreal alley this autumn.