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Cross-Stitch: Tiny Michael Jackson

One of my oldest friends is turning thirty today. She is also without a doubt the biggest Michael Jackson fan I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a lot of MJ fans.

As luck would have it the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal Tour is coming through Montreal this week. Felicia bought tickets over a year ago. She is beyond excited. I’m excited too, I’ve never seen Cirque and I can’t wait to see her face at the show.

In honour of this momentous occasion I came up with the idea of making a tiny cross-stitch MJ for her. I got the idea from Black and White and Loved All Over who recently made one of her family. Following the pattern from Martha Stewart‘s site I made some tweaks and did the best MJ cross-stitch impression I could come up with.

my michael jackson cross stitch pattern

michael jackson crossstitch (click this link to download the word file with graph paper so you can tweak for yourself)

It didn’t actually take that long to come together. A couple of episodes of Numb3rs and I was done the MJ part. I was really in love with it from early on.

in progress

I mean seriously, its so adorable its almost hard to give away. Good thing she’s such a fan.

Anyway, the MJ part took maybe 2 hours once I got it started. The lettering a little bit longer because I was being really meticulous and a bit of a perfectionist. I’m normally not but Felicia is and plus its her all time favourite performer and her 30th birthday, its got to be good.

Overall I’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out. I went for later day MJ because I didn’t have any brown embroidery floss in my jar. But I agree with Marseau that it would have been a lot cooler if I had made early day MJ. I also didn’t have any white so I made his shirt blue. I wish I had made it white though, and been able to put a little roll in his pants with the white socks. I don’t know why but that’s what I remember the most from his famous moon-walking performance. If I had more time I would have made him bigger so I could do the one glove thing.

But still, its pretty damn awesome.

Now I just need to figure out how to frame it….

Small Things Project: days 16 through 21

Day 16: (feb 20)

Sunlight through my office window and on to the plant I inadvertently named Sonia

Today I am happy for lazing around in bed with my boo and how indulgent that feels. Even if I often feel guilty about how unproductive we can get together, I still love the sweet loving times we have together.

I’m happy paid work, even when it frustrates me or I don’t want to do it. Its nice to know that I am employable even if I’ve been a student for so very long (sigh). And having concrete things to do (unlike my ephemeral thesis), is really gratifying.

I’m happy for the excitement I get from looking at my new blog stats and seeing that people have been reading!

Day 17: (feb 22)

fingernail cutting of a moon. quiet night.

Today I am happy that the contract I was working on got approved and I don’t have to stress about it any more.

I’m happy that even if I stay up really late watching tv on the internet for no damn reason, I can sleep in really late to make up for it. I’m happy that I have the kind of lifestyle that affords that. Even if I feel SUPER guilty about missing the day.

I’m happy that I have the house to myself for a while to make dinner and eat it in the quiet by candle light before going back to marking. Simple dinner, simple pleasures.

day 18: (feb 23)

beautiful day, down by the hair salon you can see the mountain

Today I am happy to be done marking. And that it was all good to go.

I’m happy that Marseau has exciting things going on that keep him going, although I miss him a lot today.

I’m happy for my new hair cut! Its been so long since I got a professional one, from nice queers in a lovely salon.

I’m excited for all the new post ideas I have, even though I don’t have the energy to do them tonight, I’m looking forward to the content changes on the blog. I think I’m fitting into a solid idea.

Day19: (feb 24)

Marseau's DJ name, he always does this whenever we go to le Pick Up


Today I’m happy that we had enough money to go out for lunch because neither of us felt like cooking.

I’m happy that I picked up the new Doris Encyclopedia at le pick up’s zine shelf. I loved the Doris Anthology so much, I carried it around like a security blanket for weeks when I got it several years ago. I love the way Cindy Crabb writes, it makes me feel like people out there understand the way I think.

I’m going to put it out there that I hate snow, but I’m happy that it means that I can justify a quiet night at home because I don’t want to go outside. I just want to watch multiple episodes of Numbers and finish knitting Marseau’s hood. I’m also happy that I will be finishing the hood while there’s still snow on the ground so he can stop pestering me about it!

Day 20: (feb 26)

Marseau hanging out in Corrie's installation at Nuit Blanche

I missed yesterday because, well I just missed it.

Today I’m happy for the sun shining through my office window. It makes both me and my plants happy.

I’m happy for the desire to cook returning to me, slowly. I turned off for a bit there but I want it back. I think that Marseau deciding to be vegan has thrown off my small cooking skills and I got a bit discouraged. But I’ve been reading up on vegan cooking for the past while and am trying to learn how to veganize things (with a little bit of cheating). So here’s to enjoying the kitchen again.

I’m also happy for the night that I had last night at Nuit Blanche. I didn’t get to see as much art as I would have liked but I did get to see Corrie‘s piece (which was awesome as usual), and ended the night running into friends at NDQ for a drink at the end of the night. I love that bar, yay for friend owned neighbourhood bars. I’m also happy that despite falling on the stupid ice and hurting my ankle that I didn’t do anything worse to it. I have a tendency to have big injuries from stupid accidents. But that’s another story.

Day 21: (feb 27)

sewing the buttons on M's hood and watching Numb3rs

Today I’m happy to have really needed conversations. To clear the air where it needs to be cleared.

Today I’m happy that I went to bed early (er) last night and got up at a more reasonable time so that I could start to feel like a normal human being again. A productive one that lives in daylight.

I’m excited to get more projects going on so that I can beat this midwinter blues that is shading my enjoyment of life.