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testing out a new signature

I’m playing around with a signature for my posts. I’ve seen a few bloggers do it and I really like how it looks and how personal it feels. Connecting with the reader in some way or whatnot. So I made this up tonight in a fit of photoshop & photoshop elements nerding out (read: comparing).
keetha base
Looking at it now it kind of reminds me of a nike swish. Which makes me want to take it off the posts that have already gone up immediately. Maybe its also too big? I think I need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Does anyone have experience in making these guys? Are there any design suggestions around them? I like how they frame the end of a post but am afraid that they will overtake my short posts. Any suggestions on design, usage, or anything else encouraged!

Aside: I’m doing a trial of elements and am comparing it to photoshop proper, which I have and know how to use. So far I still far prefer photoshop, though since I trained myself in it I find it hard to do good photo editing in it. For those that have tried both, do you have a preference and why?