Stationary Drifting

notes from the home front (part 7)

liquor stores in Calgary are open until midnight (1am on the weekends) and are cheaper than booze in the US. Why do I not remember this from my teenagedhood?

Bonding with g’ma

bonding time with g’ma. Her in her new xmas sweater, me in my dad’s hockey jersey, participating in a classic seasonal brawl.

notes from the home front (part 6)

now my g’ma is getting mad at how many people worked on the movie. Apparently its ridiculous and she’s never seen anything like it. Maybe watching the credits is a bad idea…

notes from the home front (part 5)

watching Jurassic Park with my g’ma. Every time a dinosaur jumps out I scream and she laughs.

notes from the home front (part 4)

Apparently, according to my grandma, the way to get through life is to “lie, cheat and steal” as much as possible.

notes from the home front (part 3)

my dad pours a really strong rum and eggnog. My tongue feels thick and the extended family hasn’t even arrived yet.

notes from the home front (part 2)

Notes from the home front:
Reminder notes from my dad to his mother (she has severe dementia and is living with them).

We’re picking up g’ma from respite today. After hearing all the stories this is gonna be interesting….