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2 new (to me) favourite photographers

For those that don’t know me I should preface this by saying that I love photography. I have since forever. I remember my mom giving me a camera as a gift when I was 7 or 8 years old because she was impressed by the pictures I took for my brownie badge and I’ve been hooked ever since. My dad’s siblings are also photographers and I have been lucky to get some personal lessons from them at different times. My Aunt Johanna was the photographer at my wedding (blog post and pictures coming soon I swear), and I have a happy memory of  being 13 and visiting her by myself for the weekend. She gave me a camera, loaded me up with film and let me go, including inside her darkroom. It was basically the best ever. I collect cameras, I read camera blogs, I take photos as much as I can. I’ve been having a personal revival with film ever since my good digital slr was stolen, so you don’t get to see as many of my photos here as I would otherwise post if I had digital but take my word for it, I’m a fan.

One of my favourite photoblogs is Photojojo. It appeals to all my nerdiness for gadgets, gives great product reviews and lots of fun photography related tips and projects, as well as links to other photographers doing great stuff. So without further ado, here are my two new favourite photographers, as introduced by photojojo.

Daniel Beltrá

Originally from Spain, but living in the US now (according to his bio) Beltrá does what he calls Conservation Photography, and does it well. He reminds me of another great artist that I love, Edward Burtynsky, in his portrayal of human impacts on natural landscapes from a view point of epic proportions.

click through the pictures to seen them in their full, photographer website, glory.

Jon Shireman

I have no info about this photographer, except when you look at his flickr there are a lot of great and different shots that play a lot with light and lighting of a whole array of subjects. My particular favourites of are these frozen and smashed flowers because it it takes something beautiful and ruins them in a beautiful way, but also because the way that they break is so unnatural that it kinda doesn’t compute in my brain.

Ugh, flickr is annoying about not letting people post images so just click on the links to see the gorgeous photos because they really should be seen in their entirety.


Pictures are about to get so much better!

I just found my camera cord!!!!!! Finally! Its been months since I’d last seen it. I’ve been taking pictures with my phone for so long and have been totally disappointed with their web quality. I mean, they are fine for phone pictures but they aren’t exactly the type of pictures that I want to show off extensively. Be prepared for better photos from me everyone. Phew.

see? a nice shot from my walk to dinner. Not grainy!

Also, in other exciting news, people have been looking at my blog! I have no idea how this happened. I suspect that its because of some popular tags, like photography, but I don’t care! I’ve gotten a couple likes and comments which makes me so happy, but mostly its just seeing the numbers rise on the stats chart that gets me pumped. Take that tumblr, I know for sure that people are reading what I have to say now. Which I have to admit is still kind of weird…

I think I’ve figured out how I want to do this small things project idea. I’m going to write one every day but publish them on fridays with pictures I’ve taken throughout the week. That should be better I think. More interesting visually too. For some reason I don’t like the idea of a bunch of small posts all the time, and I think posts without pictures are boring.

On the less exciting side I’m been marking my face off today. I’ve been doing some marking for a professor that I worked for a while back. His classes are interesting and he pays me well. I don’t mind marking midterms so much, they are pretty straight forward in terms of whether students are right or not quite right. Its always hard and a little bit frustrating to have to write “almost there” and I wish that I could give everyone high marks for trying. I feel much differently about papers by the way, sometimes I feel like people are trying to stab me in the brain and have less patience for people trying because they had so much more time to edit, for example, and they could’ve talked to me in advance. I have a few more weeks before that becomes an issue though.

Also, I’m super frustrated over this contract I’m working on. I won’t get into much detail about it but suffice to say that the writing collective and the publishing organization are not exactly on the same page about it. Its hard for me because my work is being critiqued in particular. I think because I used to work for the publishing organization. I feel like I’m closing and locking a door behind me by sticking to my story, which is freeing and also really scary.

artsy restaurant shot

Back to nice things! I’m had a girls night out with some friends at a weird Scandinavian restaurant that opened recently in our neighbourhood.

It was a really nice gathering. My platonic wife Corrie, bff’s Silvie and Joyce. Its rare that the 4 of us hang out just us. We talked about all sorts of things, shared a bottle of wine, and tried to figure out what the hell was going on with the restaurant. The blackboard menus that all said different things, but that’s okay because it was unclear what the food was anyway (though I admit that its partially because my fancy food vocabulary is pretty small in french), the service was sporadic – they pour your wine but point out where you can get yourself water, and then disappear for hours.

The food was pretty good, though I still don’t really know what I ate….

my food. 3 small sandwiches. Good cheese and mush of different kinds. I think it was all vegetal, I gave up trying to figure out what it all meant and took a gamble.

Silvie's food. Salted salmon of some kind. She liked it, I thought it looked pretty

It wasn’t very much for kind of expensive. This place took over this summer in a spot that once held a really great dive diner that served a lot of classic quebecois food. I spent a lot of time wondering where all the people that packed this place constantly came from.

Not to say that I’m complaining, am I’m not tell people not to go there – the coffee smelled really good. I had a really nice time. I was just confused about it all. And I was hungry. I don’t deal with food confusion well when I’m hungry.

Anyway, the point of the night was partially to see each other and partially to celebrate Joyce’s recent passing of her architecture exam. So awesome! She was so studious in prepping for it, she was even reading all about it while we were vacationing at a gorgeous cabin this summer.

I would have taken pictures of my outfit but I decided that I’m frustrated with my hair and am going to wait until my haircut on Thursday before putting up any more pictures of myself. New blog, new look.

Joyce + summer + mechanical plumbing/electric systems. Fun times.

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Summer time photos in Montreal

Random photos from around montreal from my film camera (Nikon FE). Some by me and some by my brother Jared. Credited to Jared when they’re his, otherwise they are mine.

photo cred Jared

photo cred Jared

photo cred Jared

photo cred Jared

photo cred Jared

view from my balcony

Thanksgiving in Calgary



bow river

A few shots of the still nice weather in Calgary over thanksgiving. My family is so cute.

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Sibling double birthday

photo cred to Jared

china town nyc

lady liberty

some of my film pictures from the sibling double birthday trip to nyc last fall. Jared and I headed down for a couple of days. It was a really short trip but he had never been, he was about to leave for LA after living with me for 3 months, and our birthdays are a week apart.

Jared's camera




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Jared in NYC

Blurry in China Town

Jared in NYC

Double birthday fun, also we’re both photographers we ended up both being models as well on this trip. Luckily my brother is ridiculously photogenic (jerk).

in front of the Guggenheim

more Guggenheim

When in Rome. I don't know what Romans do but in NYC you eat street pretzels

no smoking at MOMA

train home

I finally gave up on trying to find my camera cord and just took these photos with my phone.

Me in NYC

Look its me in nyc! Okay, they aren’t all of me, but still its rare that I end up in pictures unless I tell someone to take one. Photography obsessions run in my family. All photos by Jared, who says:

New York on colour film. This is my best (current) effort at transferring my prints in pairs to the computer so I can put them on here. This is an accompaniment to the B&W pictures I posted a number of weeks ago.


This was my first roll taken with Minolta SR-1 that I bought from a guy in a Montreal alley this autumn.