Stationary Drifting

{wishlist} February

Feb wishlist//1. Raw Turquoise Necklace by Moonwalk // 2. Geometric Iceberg Print by the Pairabirds // 3. Diamond Recycled Glass Bowl by Meg A Myers Design// 4. Kobo Mini Sleepcover // 5. Double Braid Knuckle Ring by Arrow Jewelry // 6. Archive Mini by Jenny N Design //

I’m an avid online looker. I rarely buy anything because I have no money but if I did, I’m telling you I would have packages coming all the time. I love seeing what’s being handmade out in the world and what creative and beautiful things people are making. Often I try to figure out if I can make it myself. This is my February list of what I’ve looked at, liked, want, and can’t make myself. Its still very much winter in Montreal so I’m liking a lot of things that can work with a lifestyle that is quiet, inside and dressed warm. Hence the jewelery that I can layer over my many layers. I’m also craving bright colour in my life since its been ridiculously grey for weeks and everyone wears a lot of black here, especially in the winter, so I am absolutely in love with this print.  I have this fascination with icebergs and I love how they’ve made it look. I’ve also been looking for a great bag to carry my stuff around in to grow up from the backpack look and I think I’ve found the perfect one. The archive mini is gorgeous, not too big, has place for my computer and ipad, and is a great in the midnight blue. The dish is just really nice, and the kobo mini cover is to take care of my new favourite possession.

Almost all of these are from etsy. I’m so in awe of what people can make.keetha base

Trifting Adventure

It’s been over a week but I finally took pictures of the stuff I thrifted with Marseau last weekend. Mostly because it was a sunny day and I had found my camera cord.

We made a nice afternoon of it. Which I described in my weekend roundup from last week. I picked up these two scarves, the white one has these weird hot air ballon things on it, I love it and wear it every day practically. The brown one isn’t really my colour palette but I like the belt/bag/watch theme. I wore it today. I want to start a proper silk scarf collection.

I also got that great shirt that I was wearing in posts from this week. Its an Esprit Sport and in each of the little squares there are tiny farm animals and barns. You can kind of see a couple of roosters in the picture. I thought it was going to be too loud for me but I actually love wearing it.

And 3 brooches. In the winter I wear a lot of button down shirts and scarves so necklaces don’t work so well. I got into wearing brooches in order to keep my fanciness up (I’m not really that fancy).


2 vintage scarves

shirt and 3 brooches.