Stationary Drifting

Small Things Project: Day 56 (sept 10)

It is COLD!
Okay , not really, it’s actually pretty reasonably temperatured out, but in comparison to this summer which was usually stupid dumb hot, i’ve been pretty damn chilly the past couple of days.
I am happy for getting to pile tons of blankets on the bed and cuddle down in them with some netflix.
I went to a cute community event yesterday at the Platz bar. A bunch of people were selling clothes and kids had a cupcake/lemonade stand set up, M was playing music, someone had tacos going. I bought a couple of interesting things, like this shirt, which is huge and makes me laugh.

///instagram shot because my camera sucks and I don’t want to fool with all that///
I’m happy that M and I took a quiet day to sleep in and be together today. Not that we don’t have tons to do but it feels like our time together has a end date because I start my job in a few days. It doesn’t really but it will be much more limited than it is now.
We’re about to head out to meet my Aunt Margaret for dinner. I like it when she comes through town because she doesn’t want a lot of time but the time we have is always really nice, so I’m happy for that.

Small Things Project: Day 55 (sept 9)

Today is pretty cool, and I’m not going to lie, I’m kinda liking it. Not in a ready for winter way, or in a ready for summer to be over way but in a happy I can wear pants way, and a sleep with blankets way.
I don’t really feel like I had much of a summer anyway, it was very hot but I never managed to get out of the city (except once that was terrible) and I spent very little time outside because I was always supposed to be working on the computer. Also because I was depressed and being a hermit. So I’m happy for a new season with new opportunities. I hope this means my luck is returning and M and I can live with a little more forward momentum.