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Eating: Apple Cider Caramels (more from homemade holidays)


apple cider caramelsI LOVE smitten kitchen, I’ve posted stuff of Deb’s many times (like here, here, and here). The recipes she creates are low maintenance, usually from things I have around the house (depending on if I have groceries at that particular point), and always delicious. I had the pleasure of flipping through her cookbook a while back and lemmetellyouwhat. Its amazing. I can’t wait to get my grubby little kitchen hands on it.

I made these Apple Cider Caramels as part of my homemade holidays challenge. My step-dad is a hard guy to buy for but he does love candy because he can’t eat chocolate anymore. They went over well, he was touched I made something for him and happy with the gift. Their fanciness to time ratio is awesome. People are pretty impressed by all the individually wrapped and handmade candies, though I think it took me less than 2 hrs to make and all with common ingredients.

These were straight forward to make, even without investing in a candy thermometer. Mine turned out a little soft so maybe I need to reduce them down a little more next time. They were ridiculously delicious though and much appreciated in my house and my mom’s. Mars was a little sad that I didn’t make any for him so I snuck a few in his stocking.

2 thoughts on “Eating: Apple Cider Caramels (more from homemade holidays)

  1. haha “lemmetellyouwhat”- i loved that. and holy cow, you actually made these?! they sound absolutely delicious, i’d love to play around the kitchen one day and try!

    xo Marlen

    • They WERE absolutely delicious! And I’m not kidding that they were pretty easy to make, just not fast. I’m no wiz in the kitchen, I don’t have any special tools (I bought my first whisk the other day!) and I managed to make these without any real frustration. I totally recommend it, people will be impressed with your talent!

      Ps. Thanks for the comment! You have no idea how excited I get about comments.