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I’m starting a new monthly series where i profile my favourite things from the past month. This will include music, recipes, crafts, books, photography, my own trips or adventures, and (the one I’m most excited about) other people’s blogs that I’m excited to be reading. The point of this is to talk a bit about my inspiration witho

ut having to do the daily posts (which, let’s be honest I’m not great at *ahem small things project ahem*), and so record regular life since this place is a bit of a journal for me. Its also to rave about the amazing world of blogs that I’ve gotten into the past while. Seriously, there are some very cool people out there.

Ideally these posts will mostly come out at the end of the month/beginning of the next month. I’m a little late this month, because I just got the idea and have been scrambling to come up with a plan/list but mostly because I’ve been on a massive sewing spree and have been neglecting most other things in favour of making more things. More on that in another post.

Check out my first edition. Next up: Blogs!

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