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I’m watching 8th Fire and you should too

I’m half way through 8th Fire, a 4 part documentary about aboriginals in Canada and the relationship (historical and present) between aboriginal and non-aboriginals here. It was produced by indigenous filmmakers for the CBC and features artists, professionals, academics, teachers, kids, etc – all of whom are aboriginal – on their perspective about what its like to live here these days. From producing art, to living on reserves, to stereotypes, to residential schools and resource extraction, the people interviewed give upfront and honest answers to questions that we all should be asking ourselves. Ie: why do we think that our history of colonization is a thing of the past?

Anyway, I have 2 more segments to watch but I highly recommend it. Follow the link above to find the website and check it out.


I’m back from Regina and I know I still need to write my ‘Learning the Land I Live On‘ from that region. I plan on writing it sometime this week, and then one about Montreal sometime next week probably. I have a pretty epic New Years resolution post that’s been taking most of my time this week but rest assured that I haven’t forgotten.


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