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Small Things Project: Day 73 (oct 16)


Today I’m happy for a really interesting and engaged group of people who brought all sorts of good questions and ideas to our Transformative Justice workshop tonight. I’m happy for the collective members I have the pleasure of working with and how awesome they are at what they do. Also for generally being awesome people.

I’m happy for this new stress relief tincture I bought. The market on tuesdays across from where I work is really cute and there’s a woman who makes all sorts of great herbals from organic, handpicked stuff, and its seasonal! I wanted to ask her to teach me everything but instead I bought the tincture and gazed longingly at the winter balm and elderberry syrup. Maybe another week. I would post her link if I could find the energy to go find her card in my wallet. Will do it tomorrow and write about whether the tincture is good or not. Yeah for supporting local independent business!

I’m happy that M has the energy to make dinner tonight because all I have the energy for is pinterest. My day started at 8am and ended at 9pm. I’m supposed to be marking right now but I think I had enough work for today.

Once again I’m so grateful to my adviser for being incredible and helping me sort out some big problems with my thesis while simultaneously making me feel capable of doing this thing. I swear that she engages me in discussions about other work I could do just to try and tempt me into a phD. Its not working….yet.

2 thoughts on “Small Things Project: Day 73 (oct 16)

  1. Pop culture (Facebook) has permanently lowered my threshold for sustained rage without action.

    • Funny, that’s the opposite of most people’s reactions. Most people fall into what i’ve heard call “arm chair activism”, ie:ranting without action.

      I think that fb has made me more connected to more issues, which is exhausting and angering. It also has given me access to a lot more nuanced opinions. I agree, though, that all this info isn’t worth much if nothing is done with in. The Transformative Justice workshops I’ve been doing feel really good at awareness raising, community building/strategizing, skill sharing and talking about really serious, interconnected issues. So for that I feel some optimism