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Small Things Project: Day 69 (oct 8)

Today is my brother’s birthday and damn am I ever happy he was born.

Jared has been my sibling, my buddy, my inspiration and, at times, my punching bag since he came home from the hospital one week after my 3rd birthday. We mostly got along as kids, we played a lot together. We had our moments of hating each other and fighting. But ever sin we’ve been older teenagers and now adults we’ve had so much fun together. We are scarily alike. I remember one of Jared’s girlfriends once telling me that it was weird to be around both of us because it felt like there was two of him in the room. Corrie always said she could tell when I was talking to my brother on the phone because I would be saying incomprehensible things and laughing until I cried. Him and I definitely have the same sense of humour.

We’ve gotten through a lot together. There were times in my life that Jared was the only constant. We’ve run our relationships by each other. We’ve travelled together, and lived together, and had many projects together. One day we’ll live in the same city and be able to hang out whenever we want. We keep talking about that and I hope one day we’ll make that happen for real.

So this SMP day is dedicated entirely to my youngest brother. Jared, I am so fucking happy you’re around. I wish I could have been there to celebrate your 27th but I’m pumped I got to celebrate your 26th with you and I’m hoping I get to be there for your 28 and beyond.

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