Stationary Drifting

let this dry spell be not for naught (sp?)

just applied to possible BestEverJob. A million fingers crossed that this will be The One and dreams of running away to teach English because the only other option in this market is to be a barista (huh, the word checker doesn’t recognize that word you’d think S*bucks would have fixed that in all dictionaries by now…what was I saying? Oh yeah, the teaching English thing) would be a hilarious joke of that time M & I spent almost a full year eating rice and looking at each other wondering what the hell we’re going to do on a twice weekly basis at least.
Anyway, wish me luck.

To whom it may concern:

this appears to be the most used gif on tumblr under google search term “please gif”

(blame my new weird love/hate relationship with gifs on the blog I’m currently into – and have mentioned several times already – Kings + Cosmics)


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