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spring cleanse: day 7

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Wow I feel bad. I think going from nothing to everything was a really really terrible idea. I’m food hungover. I loved the food SO much last night but my body is very displeased today. Oops.

I do regret it, the food was worth every delicious bite. I just don’t feel good today. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to restart my cleanse, keep going or give it up. Earlier today I was all, fuck it. But now I think I’m starting to recognize the ways that I felt better this past week. I think I’m going to give it one more week, to my original 14 day mark, and see what from there. I have all the herbs and stuff already. Here’s hoping I don’t go through my original sugar withdraw and feeling crappy again.

On the quit smoking side, I had another drag of a smoke last night (yes, I was breaking every possible rule), and I again didn’t like it. Could this be the end of smoking for me? Fingers crossed.

the biscuits that broke me

One thought on “spring cleanse: day 7

  1. Keetha, I love reading this.. I’m also doing a cleanse- raw, with some mono food days and lots of herbs, spirulina, pysillum etc. I’m with you! I’ve got your back virtually and you better know that I’m cheering my little heart out for you over here!! whatever you choose to do.. cleanse or not! xoxo