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Recently Made and Eaten: Flatbread!

I made Smitten Kitchen’s Rosemary Flatbreadfor the first time a couple of weeks ago and we have been obsessed ever since. The dough pulls together really fast, under 10mins, and requires no kneading whatsoever. Just mix, roll out, bake for 8mins and enjoy! We’ve been snacking on it with my humus, using it for sandwiches and fighting over who ate more of the warm, salty, rosemary goodness. Highly recommended. I made it without changes to the recipe at all, though I do tend to roll them a little thicker and bake less so that they stay soft-ish instead of cracker-like. Also, I’ve found that spreading olive oil all the way to the edges before baking helps keep the thin edges from burning.  Anyway, go check out the recipe. I’m going to roll out more tonight.

one negative note: the dough separates if left too long so its hard to make ahead of time.

this time I made a triple batch

rosemary deliciousness

all rolled out and ready to go. Also check out my new rolling pin! Its the first one I've ever owned and its so.great. No more rolling with jars, glasses, hands!

crispy goodness

flatbread, humus, avocado and mint tea for dinner


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