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Weekend Roundup – Feb 26

Soooo I’m a little late on this one, I know the next weekend is around the corner but I’m sitting here trying to write on my thesis and hating it, while compulsively checking my blog stats (I need to chill out on that one, I know) when I realized that I hadn’t ever written last weekend’s like I’d been planning to do on Sunday night.

From what I remember last weekend wasn’t all that exciting. I had just gotten my period and was grumpy and uncomfortable. M and I were both grumpy actually and spent most of the weekend shooting each other dirty looks and hanging out in separate rooms. Its not as dramatic as it sounds but both of us like to be left alone when we’re grumpy and in our little apartment that’s a little hard. I was also feeling SUPER emotional last weekend and would cry at a drop of a hat. It was a tough weekend, let’s just say that.

BUT, I still managed to escape the black cloud that was raining just on me a little bit.

It snowed like crazy last Friday (like it is right now) so M and I stayed home and watched tv on the internet and tried to stay warm. Which is pretty much what we did all day Saturday too. Around midnight on Saturday night we were debating whether it was worth getting out of bed  but in the end going to see Corrie‘s Nuit Blanche show won out and we threw on some clothes and headed downtown.

the only picture I took of Corrie, but its really of her partner Simon.

Nuit Blanche is pretty awesome. All sorts of galleries, music and arts spaces stay open all night and you can wander all over town looking at cool stuff and still be able to take the metro home because it runs all night too. I’ve had some good times on Nuit Blanche in Montreal but my usual lasting feeling about it is ‘overwhelmed’. I love that the whole city comes out to celebrate art and each other in the middle of the night in the middle of winter. But I hate crowds. And Nuit Blanche is crowd-ed.

Luckily Corrie’s piece was away from the really big crowds. And it was awesome. It was a re-showing of a work she did with her art partner last year, and in true Corrie style, the installation also includes a collaborative aspect with the viewer. In this case what was going on was the building of, what I’m going to call, a dream shelter. People were invited to submit (online-last year) or on the spot a dream on paper. It was then folded up and woven in with all the other dreams. I liked standing inside it and feeling like I was in a quiet space, even if I was surrounded by a bunch of other people’s thoughts. I’ve always liked secret little hiding spots so I’m biased towards loving this one in particular. I would have stayed in there all night but even if Corrie’s installation space wasn’t AS crowded, it was still pretty crowded and people kept peeking in on me and ruining the ‘secret’ part of my hiding.

M peeking out from the 'secret' spot

some of the dreams

Eventually Silvie came up and found us and convinced M and I to go on a mission with her and her friends to find a dance party happening at the Architecture Building. Which was a failure. We walked in the cold only to find the building closed up for the night. An hour early!

we had ice cream because we were pretending it wasn't cold out

I had kind of had enough of the cold and being downtown around so many people at that point. Luckily it seemed that other’s had too so we took a cab up to NDQ (new friend owned, neighbourhood bar) and chilled out with all the good people who hang out there for the rest of the night.

silvie being blurry

much wanted (needed?) drink

I was feeling pretty good for the first time that weekend.

Until I fell on the ice on the way home and twisted my ankle. Back to bad moods.

I don’t really remember if I did much of anything the rest of the weekend. I think I mostly let the winter blues overtake me and so I sulked and/or felt sad most of the day Sunday. I went to Jean Talon Market to get some groceries and fawned over some tulips that made me feel like it was possible spring was coming but didn’t have enough hands or money to take one home with me.

I decided that I had to get my sleeping back on track and went to bed early Sunday night. That’s about it. Kind of a depressing weekend all around, but what can I say? Sometimes you (I) just gotta let yourself (myself) be depressed. I can’t wait for sun, flowers, and feel goods to come back.


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