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Knitting: Marseau’s hood

I finally finished it! and there’s still snow on the ground! So there’s still use for it. Phew.

Marseau thought I never would. He says I’ve been working on it for 2 years but I’ve really only been for 1 and a bit, not continuously.

I got through knitting stages. In the fall I want to knit all the time. Until my wrists click, my hands are stiff and I have no moisture left in my fingertips. I can knit like this usually through the winter but as soon as I start craving spring I kind of taper off at it. I barely knit during the spring and I don’t knit in the summer because the idea of holding knit things, let alone wearing them is too hot.

This was supposed to be Marseau’s xmas present of 2010, just after we started dating. But it never got done, and then I stopped for the spring summer. I picked it up again this fall but it took a lot longer than I anticipated. Its a much bigger (size wise) project than I usually do. But its done now! Its all wet and pinned to my couch at the moment (blocking) and I’m considering making it a lining so that the wool isn’t itchy, but let’s just say its done anyway.

I used the Through the Woods pattern on Ravelry (you can find me under keetham there by the way). And it was pretty easy if you know how to cable and pick up stitches, etc. The button holes thwarted me for a while because I had never done them before but overall not too bad. I don’t follow knitting patterns very well because I’ve been knitting since I was 5 and am used to making up my own stuff. I’m sure I didn’t do it exactly as the pattern said (even though it was a very good pattern description wise) but it turned out pretty close to what the picture looked like so I’m pleased.

I guess I should finish my mom’s lace shawl now that I “gave” her for xmas or maybe Venessa’s mitts. I’m trying to finish projects these days. I’m bad at finishing projects, which is complicated because I really like starting them and my craft bench is covered in started projects.

taking silly pictures in the hood

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