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Oval Terrine

Guys I really want this. I know Le Creuset is really really expensive but I promise to be so nice to it and keep it forever okay?

I have 2 cast iron skillets that I love to bits and am so protective of that Marseau is afraid to wash them. I’m not saying that I want more pots that only I will wash but seriously, how great will these be for cooking. The site even says that the Oval Terrine is great for baking bread. Which is exactly what I began looking for a dutch oven for. I’ve been baking bread in a skillet with a glass lid but I’m afraid that my skillet can’t take it like that. One dried out something fierce the last time and I had to lovingly season it again. Which I’m okay with but don’t want to do all the time. See how much I need this?

Of less urgency but still I would use the hell out of a good size French Oven.

So if you find yourself with some extra cash (or are talking to one of my parents who might be looking for a future birthday gift for me), I would be very very appreciative and would cook you all sorts of nice things in them.

In this nice orange red okay?

French Oven