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My brother Jared is a champ of a photographer. He’s already self-published a book of his shots from when he was on film location in Kazakhstan, and rumour has it that he’s working on another.

Him and I share the family passion for photography, both our dad’s siblings – are semi professional photographers, and have shared many photographic adventures in our time together.

This summer for example, when he was living with me, we wandered around Mtl (here, here, &here), had photoshoots, took trips to a cabin (&here), our double birthday trip to NYC where between us we had 6 cameras (here, here & here).

When Jared got married in Vegas this December, for the 30 odd minutes that it took him to get married I had 3 cameras with me (here, &here), a film, a polaroid, and a digital. To be fair I wasn’t the only one, Lily’s dad and step-mom are also photographers. I took a lot of pictures.

What I’m trying to say here is that Jared and I both really like taking pictures and now we have a new picture project in the works!

Here how its going to go.

1. We’re going to take turns every week picking a theme.

2. For the following week we’re both going to take pictures along that theme.

3. At the end of each week we’re going to share with each other our favourite 10.

4. We will post our pictures on our websites.

The idea is to do this every week for the next while, aiming at a year if we like it. I tossed out the idea of collaborating on a book at the end if we’re into it.

Its like a book club for pictures!

So look for my posts on Mondays starting in March. And be sure to check out Jared’s site too.