Stationary Drifting

Trifting Adventure

It’s been over a week but I finally took pictures of the stuff I thrifted with Marseau last weekend. Mostly because it was a sunny day and I had found my camera cord.

We made a nice afternoon of it. Which I described in my weekend roundup from last week. I picked up these two scarves, the white one has these weird hot air ballon things on it, I love it and wear it every day practically. The brown one isn’t really my colour palette but I like the belt/bag/watch theme. I wore it today. I want to start a proper silk scarf collection.

I also got that great shirt that I was wearing in posts from this week. Its an Esprit Sport and in each of the little squares there are tiny farm animals and barns. You can kind of see a couple of roosters in the picture. I thought it was going to be too loud for me but I actually love wearing it.

And 3 brooches. In the winter I wear a lot of button down shirts and scarves so necklaces don’t work so well. I got into wearing brooches in order to keep my fanciness up (I’m not really that fancy).


2 vintage scarves

shirt and 3 brooches.

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