Stationary Drifting

Beautifying a little corner

I have a couple of great small (but bigger than a tealight) beeswax candles my mom gave me. They needed some holders, my antique sewing machine needed something a little extra.

Corrie and I went thrifting a little this week at the Salvation Army on St Hubert. She was looking for a patio umbrella for her latest art installation work, which she found, in February, she is really lucky on her finding. I was looking for something to use for a headboard, preferably multipane window frames but I was open to anything. I found nothing, I’m not lucky at all when I go looking for something specific. I do love the glassware section of that Salvation Army though, and for about $3.50 I got 4 stemmed glasses of varying heights, 3 of which I’ve used for candle holders.

on display. With my old singer, some records we picked up on the street, and a collection of polaroids I've taken.

I love how it turned out. The different sizes and heights really makes it in my opinion.


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