Stationary Drifting

bad at bedtime

{warning: this is kind of a whiny post}

I have a confession, I’m terrible at going to sleep. I know that I need a lot of sleep to function but I just rarely let myself get it. I have this competing night owl/morning guilt thing going on. I love the night, I love the quiet and protection it gives me from my life. In the night its like time stops and all my problems can wait. BUT, if I were to go to bed at my preferred time of 2:30-3am I would have to sleep in until noon to get the amount of sleep I need to feel functional. I would just accept that and do it but I feel so guilty about wasting the day, and I get all depressed from lack of sunlight.

sleepy face

I know, I know, poor me.

ANYWAY, this week I indulged a little too much in the late nights and the sleeping in and now am feeling all off and cranky. It doesn’t help that today is the first day of my period but that’s a story that I’m sure you don’t need to know about. The problem is that I wasn’t even staying up all night to enjoy it (mostly). On wednesday night I was up late marking exams to hand back yesterday. Look at this stack…

70 handwritten, in class exams...

I crashed into bed at 5am, only to listen to Marseau’s alarm go off at 7:30am (for 2hrs at 10min intervals). After he left the house for his epic volunteer day I was only able to sleep for another 45mins before I had to get up and head down to school to drop off the exams.

I was a zombie.

I was such a zombie that I accidentally only gave Julie a $1 tip on my haircut (so insulting), because I got distracted and then confused by the conversation we were having as I punched in the numbers.

Luckily my guy came home with beer and we ordered pizza.

Then we slept in to 12pm today. The cycle continues.

Haircut is still cute though!

ps. I did do a fun craft last night though while I was waiting for Marseau to come home. Will write/post later.



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