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Hair cut day!

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Okay, I know it’s really not that exciting for everyone else but it’s really exciting for me! I haven’t gotten a professional hair cut in so so so long, I don’t even remember what it’s like to sit in a chair and not tell myself that if the person messes up my hair it’ll just mean I’ll have a quirky do. And by that I mean, I haven’t really had to put my total trust in someone’s hands with my hair in a long time.

{Sidenote: my friends that cut my hair do a good job of what I ask for and I do trust them, I just expect less. Whatever, just believe me that it’s a different feeling.}

Anyway, I’m went to a highly recommended friend of a friend, Julie Matson over at Salon Identite hoping for the best.

See i had been rocking a really short greaser cut for a long time and decided that maybe I wanted a change this summer, so I’ve been cutting the back and rocking a kind of choppy bowl/mushroom cut for a while. Basically I haven’t touched anything else except to shave the nap and back of my head every couple of moths. It’s been looking fine but it’s grown out all different lengths and is getting too long to look like it was intentional any more. So i made the appointment and headed down.

And I wasn’t disappointed. I got a really cute cut that feels light and fun. I still have to let it grow on me a bit, get used to how it feels and what it looks like after I wash and (don’t) style it. But I’m really happy with how it turned out. Spring time here I come!

Did you here that sping? I’m ready!

ps. I’m having some trouble with formatting, but I think its pretty clear that they are before and after pics right?

pps. isn’t my outfit cute? Its from the thrifting adventure Marseau and I had last weekend. Will update about that soon.


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