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Weekend roundup – Feb 19

I don’t tend to write very much on the weekends, unless I’ve decided that I’m treating the weekend as a weekday and am home in front of my computer all day. That was not the case at all this weekend though, so….no writing. I’ve decided to get the ball rolling on this new blog idea and start a weekend roundup routine. The idea is to write some things that made me happy over the weekend, what I did, made, saw, wore, whatever. I guess I should have taken more pictures while it was sunny out (maybe I’ll add them later), but I got into a stupid fight with my boyfriend today and was too busy grumping around to think about blogging. I’m still struggling to figure out what my niche is in the blogging world, but some of my favourite blogs are ones that let me into people’s lives and inspire me to make things, get out in the world, take pictures, and be happy about what I have. So, that’s the model I’m going for. Here it goes then, the Weekend Roundup #1

It was gorgeously sunny this weekend, and warm (for February), above 0 celsius! I just wanted to be outside, this prairie girl cannot get enough of her sunshine. Montreal tends to be a bitter grey jerk in the winter so I try and take advantage of the sun every time it decides to come out so I go play as much as possible. I always feel like I’m wasting the day if I don’t.

blue skies above our apartment. My office window is the top right. The whole place looks much better in the summer when I've replaced the ripped fabric privacy guard by the way.

I had been wanting to go thrifting for a little while now to find some brighter things for my wardrobe. I tend to wear a lot of black and grey in the winter and that, combined with the weather, was counteracting my vitamin D suppliments. The boyfriend (Marseau, for future reference) and I decided to make a day of it So after a lovely brunch at le Pick Up (our favourite diner/depanneur – quebecois for corner store), where I had my usual crepe stuffed with eggs, bacon and cheese smothered in maple syrup, and he had his usual vegan pulled pork (I refuse to feel guilty about that), we hit up a bus to the Mile End to look over those vintage stores that pick out all the cool things for you. Luckily for Marseau he knows just what he likes and got a few nice things. I, as per usual, struggled with what I like and ended up with a really weird shirt and my usual assortment of accessories which include vintage silk scarves and brooches. I’m the hardest person I know to shop for.

in my new hot air balloon vintage scarf

The rest of the afternoon was spend finishing my book, the Tiger’s Wife (which was so good by the way. It balances my love of myths, with politics and good story telling), all the while listening to Marseau put together his dj debut mix for a Girls Rock Camp – Montreal fundraiser party. The theme was soul music. We headed down to the venue late, and although Marseau was hella nervous he did really awesome! I danced my ass off, sweated even though it was a really cold night and enjoyed myself immensely. Also, I was really really proud of my guy for his stellar first party. I stayed on stage with him most of the night. He didn’t ask but I like to think I was giving some physical support.

my friend Em J killing it as a go go dancer. Also my favourite shot of the night

Marseau grooving to his own music

Today, I stormed out of the house after our dumb fight but ended up having a nice day of in out in the sun. I bought some groceries at Jean Talon Market, my favourite spot in the whole city. Wandered around, I found a store nearby that sells home crafting stuff, thereby taking me one step close to my desire to make herbal remedies. Have you seen this book from Microcosm by the way? I’m in love with it and want to make every.thing. from it!

I came home to a bunch of stressful emails from the organization I’m doing a contract for. Apparently they wanted me and the other writers to make a lot of changes, thereby changing the entire nature of our work. I’ll post the link to our work when its done by the way. All of us have a tenuous relationship to this organization so there was a lot of skepticism. I spent the rest of the night re-writing and refusing to re-write instead of having a make-up cuddle with my boyfriend. Deep sigh.

I also didn’t get to make this (over at my new favourite blog – Smitten Kitchen), which I was really excited about.

flatbread with honey, thyme and sea salt

This coming week is mostly going to be about marking mid-terms for the prof I’m working for, though I’m really hoping to get some serious work done on my thesis. And maybe a side trip to Halifax?? I do have a professional hair cut scheduled though, which I haven’t had done in over a year (I always just get my friends to cut my hair) that I’m kind of excited about. I’m growing out my hair and was thinking of taking this picture in.

That was my weekend. I’m going to try and resume my small things project tomorrow. I don’t want to give it up, I’m just trying to figure out how it will live on this site. Its kind of boring without pictures right? And so short….Whatever, I’ll figure it out tomorrow. Time to shut off the screens for the night. Looking forward to figuring out what to post tomorrow!


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