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Changing and Reviving


I’ve bounced around the internet a lot, never totally sure how I felt about this whole ‘blog’ thing. I have sort of used blogs all over the place, including this one. The truth is that I’m getting more and more into reading blogs and have realized that I love getting into people’s lives. I’ve also been learning that I don’t necessarily need to have a particular reason for having a blog. I kind of want that to exist here.

I have been on tumblr for the past few years (stationarydrifter). I used to really love it for a number of reasons, not the least of which was because I was tired of social networking and wanted a place to write about things without worrying about followers of wordcounts or whatever, I also wanted to stretch my creative writing muscles a bit again because I was feeling really stifled by academia. Don’t bother going and searching through my tumblr posts I’m going to repost the important things here. Unless you want to of course. If you would like to follow me I would be happy about that.

I’ve been feeling constrained by tumblr, unable to be totally honest about what I put out there. I’m also being realistic that I still like social networking so I’ll still be posting over there, just more in the way tumblr has turned into an image based or reposting spot. I’m recreating this blog as my daily life place. Where I can write and put up all sorts of things.

I’ve recently gotten into cooking so I’ll be putting up stuff about my attempts and recommending recipes. So far I really like 101 Cookbooks and the Kitchen Sink. I’ve been making a lot of meals and snacks from both of them. I’m excited to get more into it.

I’m also a fairweather crafter. I have bursts of craftiness so I guess I’ll be putting them up here. I have a few knitting projects going, and some embroidery, but I’d like to get into bigger things and brag about them here. I’m on pinterest if you want to see the patterns I’m storing up to do.

I’m doing a project that I call the small things project, which is usually a few things I’m happy about, every day. Not unlike the 365 project I had going on here in 2008. So that will be up here too.

I also really like to take pictures so I’ll be showing off a bit here too.

one of my favourite shots I've ever taken, funnily with my phone

Anyway, there will be more to come. I’m going to be posting a lot of old stuff in the next little while as I pull over my favourite posts from tumblr that I want here.

So welcome/welcome back, to me and to whoever else is reading…

3 thoughts on “Changing and Reviving

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  2. I love the beauty of the yellow cement block.

    • thanks! Me too. The whole scene turned out with an industrial dream quality that I kind of want for most of my pictures.