Stationary Drifting

holding me to it

I’ve been sitting here at my computer all day. Taking turns between working and reading a really cute new (to me) blog called Black and White and Loved all Over and besides wishing I had a better blog (go off tumblr maybe?) I started to stare at my facebook tab and wish it wasn’t there. I hadn’t checked it all day and part of the reason for starting THIS blog was to write more and care less about status updates, its little blue icon was starting to piss me off. So I signed out and closed it. I know that’s not a very big deal but it kinda felt freeing. I made a pact to myself. I wouldn’t have facebook on on my computer all day. I think this will help with my thesis writing, ie: less distraction, and maybe it will inspire me to write more meaningful things here. Or somewhere else. I liked tumblr for myself more when there was barely anyone on it, it was supposed to be my sanctuary to write about stuff and not feel like I was social networking.

Sidenote: I’ve turned into such a nest-y person where diy crafting, cooking and blogging/ reading blogs (mostly by diy crafty moms, what does that say about me?), and calling it a night around 10 is what makes me happy. God I’ve changed….


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