Stationary Drifting

Small Things Project: Day 14

Apparently I took a weekend break.


Today I am happy for a spontaneous call from my brother in cali. I miss his face so much as it was amazing to hear his voice for a minute. If I ever crawl out of the broke life I am SO getting on the next plane to see him. I love my family. Especially my brothers.

I’m also happy for a bit more work on this contract I’m doing. I’m happy that they are paying me so well and that I can look forward to paying off some bills (ah the adult life). Also that I get to work with such interesting and generally amazing people on this project. Its pretty inspiring.

I’m happy for making food out of what we have and whipping good things up.

I’m happy for community. For calling up people I haven’t spoken to in a really long time and for connections, for everyone doing their own thing and the ways that that fits together into this great, mutually supportive puzzle.


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