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Small Things Project: day 10

today I’m just happy for sunshine. In the winter this prairie girl can not get even close to enough vitamin D. I take the pills, I’ve tried full spectrum lights, but nothing beats the energy I feel from a good sunny day.

I’m excited about my new found interest in making curries. Toughie (new petname for my boyfriend) has recently decided to be vegan for health reasons which is kind of stretching my new cooking muscles. I tried my hand at a thai green curry last night that was decent, I think I can do better though. Today I’m gonna try making hummus and pita chips for snacking times. I know this has nothing to do with curry but my last attempt at hummus years ago was a disaster that I still get made fun of for so this is a big step for me!

what else? I’m excited to go on a walk with toughie. I want to take him to the latino grocery store because I know he’ll get excited. I took him to the chinese and thai ones last night on my mission to get curry ingredients. One of my favourite things to watching him get excited about the neighbourhood. I love living here for so many reasons and I love watching him learn it.

Maybe I’ll look for some good cloth to embroider on. I’ve been having a hankering for a project of that sort and I think I’m going to do up vday gift/love letter. It won’t be much of a surprise because we have no privacy from each other in my small home but it’ll be fun anyway.

So there, a longer day post because I didn’t post yesterday. Was too busy having good times with good people.


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