Stationary Drifting

Small Things Project: day 7

Today I’m excited about winter being over. Its not yet but it will be and I’m looking forward to that.

I’m excited for the lost parcel that my dad sent and am remaining certain that I will have it in my hot little hands sooner rather than later.

I’m pumped that I have a new bag of coffee to caffeinate my blood stream, a loaf of bread about to go in the oven, and a fresh batch of granola. I love that I’m finally seeing the light of why cooking can be good.

I’m glad that my house is warm and my office is well lit and that I get to write stories about my experience working in ngo’s today. Even if I’ve been putting it off all week. I’m happy that I have these intermittent contracts that help me pay off bills and keep me engaged in the work world when I sometimes feel like school life has totally stagnated me.


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