Stationary Drifting

Small Things Project: Day 4

Today I’m excited to be on a bus with wifi to Toronto, and so grateful to S for helping me out in a pinch so I didn’t have to take a rideshare. I’m happy that I got up early enough to start the day kind of slow and be able to walk to the market to get a sandwich for the ride, and that M got up and came with me for company eating almond croissants. I happy I don’t have to be hungry on the bus and so I won’t spend my time hoping for a proper stop in Kingston to run off to the Timmy’s, anxiety spiking over whether the bus will leave me behind or not. I’m excited to stay with my friend A and have dinner with her tonight. I’m glad she lives right around the corner from one of my favorite coffee shops in Toronto.

I’m happy that I got all McGuiver and got a bunch of French language podcasts downloaded before going. Now I just have to listen to them.

(I have a photo but I’ll have to figure out how to add it later)


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