Stationary Drifting

Small Things Project: day 2

Today I am excited that my hair is growing out enough to be able to put a small braid in it. One that doesn’t look ridiculous. I’m looking forward to having long hair.

I’m excited for the lentil lemon soup that I just made and for sharing it with lovely people.

I’m excited that I have really good friends that take care of me. In particular today I’m excited that a friend is letting me save my change and do laundry at her house.

I’m excited for a warm day in the middle of winter, for a partner that let me sleep in really late for no reason and was happy to see me when I woke up, and for the 2 hour conversation I had with my mom last night.

I’m excited that I learned French in my life so that I can apply for really high paying jobs (for me) and not be disqualified before the interview process.


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