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Warming the apartment with food

I think every dish I own is dirty and in or near the sink at this moment.

I went hard in the kitchen yesterday. It was a really cold day and I wanted to warm the house with good smells and oven heat. Plus, my partner had named yesterday as the last day of unhealthiness (in his life but I’m going to join him in it for the most part – more on that later). So no more unhealthy lifestyle, including fried foods and baked goods (I’m not giving up the baked goods). To celebrate I wanted to make some delicious things to send him off with.

Omg, the cinnamon buns turned out awesome. And I made a lot, which M can’t eat now, so if you want some come on over! I’ve been following this new cooking website (who knew I’d ever be that type?) called 101 cookbooks. Its really amazing, and is all about healthy, natural eating and cooking. I’ve made a bunch of good things from there and find it pretty straight forward to follow. What I like most about it is that I usually have most of the stuff in my kitchen anyway. I hate shopping just for a single recipe and appreciate being about to use up the stuff I have hanging around. 

Anyway, this cinnamon bun recipe is a bit more involved because I had to let it rise for at least an hour twice, and because the dough needed some pretty long kneading. But it was worth it because they turned out delicious. I was having memories of my g’ma staying with us and waking up to the warm smells of cinnamon buns (which she didn’t put raisins in because I’ve always hated raisins – love you g’ma!). So I got a bit nostalgic on top of it all.

I also did up my twice weekly batch of soup. M and I eat a lot of soup. Its winter, and we need our bellies kept warm, plus its a good way to eat seasonal veggies. Normally I just throw a bunch of veggies in a pot with veg broth and then blend but this time I decided to use one of my butternut squashes I purchased at the market this fall.

I started following a recipe from the internet that wasn’t that good so I’m not going to link it. Basically I roasted the squash for 45mins in the oven, then blended it with some veg broth and nutmeg. That was a far as the recipe took me and it was boring as fuck so I went off trail a bit and fried up some onion and garlic (I always put lots of garlic in my soups, keeps the immune system healthy) with some chilies and carrots, then boiled those in broth and added them to the squash mix. Served with cream and cilantro on top. Not too shabby, and the extra will keep us going for a few days.

Silvie came over last week to hang out and make food. She made a delicious veggie shepard’s pie that has sat in our fridge, untouched, ever since. I don’t know why we weren’t into eating it once it became leftovers but we just couldn’t make ourselves. Ever since my fridge died this summer I’ve been using a mini fridge lent by a friend (who can afford appliances these days?) so space is at a premium. 3 containers of shepard’s pie for almost a week is an unacceptable use of space, we had to do something with it. In came the samosa idea. M (my partner) cooked up the shepard’s pie with a bunch of spices I can’t name. I had made the samosa dough earlier. The deep frying went pretty well, though I did manage to melt a plastic spoon. They were good and shepard’s pie containers were ejected from the fridge.

One more food post about the bread when I’ve seen how it turns out. I’m excited to start making bread at home so fingers crossed!


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