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Cooking: when did this become my “thing”?

It’s negative far too much outside and all I want to do it turn my oven on and bake a ton of warm things to make my house smell delicious and have hella carbs to burn inside and keep me warm.

I also just nerded out on hipstamatic and bought the foodie lens so watch for pictures of the process.

I’ve gotten really into cooking these past few months. I think part of it is because it’s winter and I spend a lot more time indoors, part is because I lived alone and needed things to do and now live with my love and want to feed him well, part is procrastination on writing my thesis, and part is the Saturn returns thing.

I’m closing in rather quickly on 30, am settling down, looking for a “real” job, and feeling more adult than I ever have before. My relationship to my life has changed significantly in the last year and a bit. I’m not totally sure what it is yet, I’m still trying to understand. It’s not off putting though, I feel really grounded in life now. Sometimes I miss my energy to be out all the time but for the most part I’m very happy quietly doing my own thing. Maybe I’m becoming more like my parents then I ever wanted to be. Either way I think wanting to cook is part of it.

Now just to propel myself out into the cold to get yeast. That’s a different story….


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