Stationary Drifting

snow day reflections on unproductivity

I have become incredibly, self-indulgently, gloriously horribly unproductive in the past few weeks. Ever since my partner and I went on long-distance hiatus and closed the physical gap between us, I’ve basically been reveling in domestic life. Sleeping late, watching movies in bed, sex, cooking, cuddling, giggling. That’s basically it. The most productive thing I’ve done all week is get groceries…and make 2 bracelets.

I’ve been in LDR’s for so long I’ve literally forgotten how to exist in an up close and personal relationship. My relationship pattern for almost 3 years has been defined by long periods of solitude (aka: lots of time to myself, doing whatever I want, setting my own schedule, innumerable hours on skype) punctuated by periods of all-love-all-the-time (aka: entire weekends in bed). I can’t quite figure out how to function in everyday life with my partner around.

Not that I’m complaining, this is amazing. I just need to start getting shit done again.

Though judging by the huge snowflakes falling outside I don’t think that getting on my work train is going to happen today either. I guess its time to crawl back in bed and make another bracelet…or something…


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