Stationary Drifting

Big news post

god, I’ve gotten all repost-y lately and haven’t written much for myself. Which is weird because there’s been a helluva lot going on in my world. I think that I’ve been pretty distracted by real life though, in a good way. So I haven’t taken much time to write.

Important things are a brewin’. The most important of which I’m going to keep quiet for the meantime. But other things are still going on.

1. My baby brother is getting married next weekend in vegas! It’s shocked my family a fair bit but its turning out to look like a really fun weekend. Soon both my younger brothers will be married. We’ve come a long way, it’s funny to be adults with them sometimes. When I think about it I still think that we should be wrestling, begrudgingly sharing a single can of pop and running around the backyard. When did we all get to this point?

2. I’m back in Philly. The breakup that I’ve been alluding to has been annulled. Which is the real reason why I haven’t been online that much, I’ve been reveling in presence of my love, making plans, and allowing myself to be happy. Sometimes its important to remind myself that love can be good, and enough.

3. I came out to my step dad! He was the last family member that didn’t know and the pressure of keeping it covered up 3 years after coming out to the rest of my family has been hard and ultimately unsustainable. Because of the above 2 points it became pretty necessary to finally bite that bullet. It was incredibly hard, my mom and I were both scared, he doesn’t have a good track record with gay stuff but it went surprisingly well. As my aunt put it, “its hard to be homophobic when the homo is your child”. Thank god for that.

Big news times.


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