Stationary Drifting

Curves of Learning

I just reread my original reason for starting this blog in one of my first posts and I’m having second thoughts about turning this into the cryptic “status update” and picture blog that its sort of becoming. I realize that this is because tumblr has now become the sort of place where people I know are following me and that is making me cagey. I’ve also been handing out my url more readily, which (like I said in the first post) kind of feels like I’m invading my own privacy. I am no longer in free in my anonymity and so I’m starting to hide behind varying degrees of metaphor and imagery.

However, in the spirit of recent conversations about my inability to really share what’s going on in my heart and my tendency to shut down, I’m going to try and keep posting longer pieces here. I’m kind of a good writer. I mean, come on, that linked post is full of fun vocabulary, wit and self deprecation in all the best ways. I’m going to stick to my mandate of not really trying to write anything particularly useful in any way beyond personal…depressurizing? Very personal thoughts are filtered to a secret location, and public political rants are going up at my leave a stain site that I promise I’m going to revive shortly. 

Just do me a favour and try not to read me too often or judge me too much, trying to be open in a public way is a bit of a learning curve.


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