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Fall nesting



Its fall! I’m getting so nesty.

Something about the cooler air and darker days makes me want to stay home and make good food that will “stick to my insides”, particularly anything with root vegetables. I also want to put garlic and ginger in everything because no matter how much I love fall my immune system always seems to take a serious dive.

So I’ve been on a mega soup kick. Which is not unusual for this time of year. I made myself a killer potato leek soup last week, and pictured above is a carrot, ginger, parsnip soup that I just made. I love soups because I can basically just throw anything into a pot with some vegetable bouillon, boil it until everything is soft, blend and store enough to feed myself for several days. I also love soup because I can load it up with garlic, and it warms me up from the inside. Take that cold fall germs.

carrot, ginger, parsnip soup


Key to this process is having something to blend with though, and lucky for me I was able to go home to my mom’s house for thanksgiving, where my blender has been living since I moved out of the house (I got it from my friends for my 13th birthday, I know, weird). I’ve been blending up a storm ever since getting back.

The reason I got that blender from my friends was because I was obsessed with milkshakes as a child and would ask them to make me one at their houses because I didn’t have any way to blend at home. This obsession hasn’t really changed into my adulthood, though now I’ve switched from milkshakes to blending myself up morning smoothies! I’m so into a good morning smoothie these days. Bonus: I can sneak more ginger into my diet. My favourite combo so far was the strawberry, ginger, almond one with local organic yogurt and fresh pressed apple juice from the market. I love living so close to that place.

strawberry, ginger, almond smoothie

Since I’m on a domestic tear, and was getting worried about nearly all my meals being liquid, I decided today to try my hand at granola. Which presents reason number 2 (in this post) why I love living around Jean Talon. Anatol!! I was searching for a bulk food store near me to pick up ingredients and found Anatol on St Laurent (right next to Milano’s – which I also love). Anatol has everything; spices, nuts, grains, even bulk cookies and candy. Its all so fresh (apparently a lot of restaurants shop there so their stock turns over quickly), and cheap. I came home with all the necessary things and a serious enthusiasm for granola. An enthusiasm that has only grown now that I have the finished product. I will post my recipe later, but suffice to say that my first attempt at granola turned out awesome and I’m pumped to have it with my smoothie tomorrow morning.

I am in love with Anatol

My house smells like delicious soup and sweet granola, the kettle is boiling for tea (chai), and I just finished up the dishes. Now to put some healing salve on this oven burn on my hand…



I need more jars.

granola, soup, granola

the downside