Stationary Drifting

pulling close with one hand and pushing away with the other. either way your grip is too hard.

I keep being inspired to write cryptic posts that should really be journal only experience. Suddenly I have the feeling that I’ve mentioned this supposedly secret location one too many times.

Looking back at the codes I’m embarrassed that others have read them. Another reason why I would make a terrible writer (already make a terrible writer?). I have the drive to get it out but can’t fucking stand anyone reading what I’ve said. Except if its witty and vaguely self deprecating. Maybe with the exception of this particular moment. Not that I’m being witty. Oh god.

Anyway, no one was ever supposed to see this so I apologize for that. But in the spirit of the reason why this was ever started I’m not going to take shit down. I may alter the mandate. Start a new secret blog that I eventually tell too many people about and therefore restart the cycle.

Welcome to my brain. I’m as confused as you are.


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