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Plantain (the herb) is magic!

Plantain (the herb) is magic! (follow this link to see what I’m talking about)

I’ve been into herbs for a few years. I have my remedies I take when I’m getting sick, my balms for cuts and bruises. I’ve stepped it up a notch this year when I planted my balcony garden full of herbs and started researching remedies (new apocalypse plan is to be a herbalist). All that to be said, I was not the least bit resistant to the bottle of dark green syrup my friend offered me to get a hold of this shitty chest cough I can’t shake. I’ve only taken a little so I can’t say whether its working yet or not, but I have know done a lot of research until Plantain Herb and jeez it sounds like a wonder herb and so easy to find! I’m gonna have to find a plant and another spot for a pot on my balcony, pretty soon I won’t be able to fit a chair out there anymore!

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