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new projects

So it’s been a while. To be honest I forgot about this blog. No one really knows it’s here so it’s like a secret in my head that I bury away when I don’t use it enough.

I found a couple of new projects over the past couple of days that I’m excited about. So I thought I’d write them down so I don’t forget them.

Chronologically, backwards, is the latest one. It’s not a very original one because I’m basically ripping it off from someone else but it speaks to me and it will end up being mine in the way I interpret it anyway, plus I doubt that any ideas are completely original so I’ll stop qualifying and explain…

I discovered the photo essay of a friend of a friend today and I can’t get over it. She is taking a picture of herself every day for a year and adds a little comment about how she feels or what she is doing with it. I like that. I like that a lot. I like a bit of a validation of each day being stored somewhere. I like the progression and archiving that happens from that. I like the idea of committing to something for a year even though that scares the crap out of me. So I’m going to do it too. My first picture will be posted right after this.

Another project that I’m super excited about is my brand new, old second hand, east german, erika typewriter. and that pings, clacks, and x’ed out mistakes that that entails. I’ve been wanting to get more into zine making (it’s such a great form of self-expression) and doing it on a typewriter is just so much more fun. Plus, I was really touched this week by the zine Doris (, that is so honest and spoken from the heart that I’m inspired to try and be the same way. It seems so healing and asks such great questions. I like the idea of typing those thoughts out on paper and thereby making them so much more real, but also more impermanent, so if I really want to hide it I know it’s hidden.

Anyway, these are the projects that excite me the most (other than my new garden in my soon to be new house) and I’ll leave it there for now.

I’m just so happy to have my brain picking up new things again after a long, dark, uncreative winter.


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